Hey guys! Brittanie here. Welcome to my author website! Here you can explore the world of my book, Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them (MATVWLT). Details are here under the Book tab. You’ll find the latest info under News, and answers to questions under Ask Britt. To find me on social media — just click buttons for my Facebook Page and Twitter.  Visit the Contact page to send me a message, and if you want occasional fun news as it happens, please sign up for my newsletter there. There is also a reader fan club, called  Brittanie’s Evil Empire (BEE) and you can find info on this page, below, or under the Readers tab.

Written on Wattpad, MATVWLT has more than 2.4 million reads. It was just awarded an 2014 HQ Love Watty by the team at Wattpad headquarters. With more than 75 thousand votes,  it one of the top Featured books on Wattpad!  Be sure to check out Wattpad, a lively and supportive community of  cool writers and readers.


MATVWLT has a fan club called Brittanie’s Evil Empire (BEE). It’s a place for fans (called Minions) to hang out, eat cupcakes, and plan world domination. So if you like cupcakes, anime, mermaids, vampires, fairies, werewolves or minor Greek gods, this is the place for you! Check it out here: Wattpad BEE Go Minions!!!!

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