Once Upon a Now

Book Cover for Once Upon Now

Published by Simon & Schuster,  October 2016.

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An exclusive collection of new modern tales with a fantastical twist. Discover this anthology of everyday stories influenced by fairytales and mythology, with a touch of fantasy and whimsy. If you love edgy fairy tale retellings, spunky heroines, dashing heroes, fantasy, romance or even horror, you’ll love Once Upon Now!

“… every fairytale-lover’s dream come true. I’ve got three words for this anthology: I LOVE IT!   One book + 10 Wattpad writers = one bundle of hellish great stories!   If you’re looking for something that´s 100% entertaining and full of hope, punishment, love and glamour then you better check this book out!  I´m giving ONCE UPON NOW 5 out of 5 magical stars!” ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

—Morgana D. James,  Book Blogger at Morgana’s Book Box